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Schinkelpreis Award

The designs from our office have received the following national and international honours and awards:

1980 Awarded Schinkel prize and Schinkel plaque in the field of hydraulic engineering for urban water planning VIJAJANAGAR STEEL CITY / INDIEN
1987 Integrated Water Concept IBA Block 6 with Rootzone Treatment Plants – Berlin Kreuzberg In the national competition “Citizens, this is about Your Community” Kreuzberg was honoured, based on this project, with the gold plaque from the national president for its ecologically oriented residential and town planning (with Atelier Loidl).
1991 1991 1st prize in the town planning competition – Ecological Concept for the Development Area of Winkelwiesen in Berlin-Pankow (with Architects Schattauer and Tibes)
1993 1st prize in the town planning competition – Urban Ecological Concept for Storm Water Management for the Municipal District of Hamburg Neu-Allermöhle (with Atelier Loidl)
1996 1996 Storm Water Management Schweriner Hof, Berlin Hellersdorf, recognised as an exemplary model of an ecological project in the Habitat II-Conference in Istanbul (with Atelier Loids)
2001 2001 Project Teltow-Mühlendorf – honoured in the competition “City design through pioneering projects for urban developing areas” by the SLR, DAV
2002 2002 3rd prize, international competition „Olympic Green - Beijing 2008“ (with Architecture Office HWP Stuttgart, Kienle Landscape Architects)
2003 2003 1st prize in the international competition BUGA Schwerin 2009 “Gardens of the Centuries”(with Atelier Loidl)
2006 Commendation within the framework of the Regional Competition for Model Urban Redevelopment 2006 (for the Landscape Exhibition in Marktredwitz with landscape architect Dr. F. Lohrberg)
2006 EON-Environment Prize Bavaria 2006 (for the nature swimming pool in Marktredwitz with landscape architect Dr. F. Lohrberg)
2007 Top 9 Best Parks 2007; Federal Competition sponsored by Briggs & Stratton (Marktredwitz with landscape architect Dr. F. Lohrberg)
2008 2nd prize in the International Competition: High-End-Ecological-City WUJIANG
(with SOL – Stuttgart)
2008 Biennale di Venezia 2008: Updating Germany - 100 Projects for a better future
(for IBA – Block 6)