Our services                                                                                                                                            Services
We render the following services:
- evaluation reports
- consultation
- planning
- supervision
- project site supervision
- project management

The services mentioned above cover the following domains:

Environmental protection
- ecological evaluation reports
- planning for the rehabilitation of eutrophic   lakes
- examination of environmental compatibility
- ecological influence of projects in high dam   constructions
- ecological influence of large-scale agricultural   and housing hydraulic engineering projects

Ecological urban/rural reconstruction
- environmental measures

- water-saving sanitary engineering
- compost toilets
- rainwater recycling
- wastewater recycling

Water supply and distribution in housing   areas
- site sewerage systems
- wastewater treatment facilities (centralised and   decentralised) and root-zone wastewater   treatment systems
- sewage/effluent pumping stations
- storm water retention basins and sedimentation   basins
- groundwater enrichment plants
- sewage pressure pipelines
- pressure draining facilities
- facilities for potable water supply

Agricultural hydraulic engineering
- irrigation systems
- drainage systems