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Kraft Visitengrafik   Focal Points of Activities

- Innovations in
Waste water treatment
Rainwater management
Industrial water supply

- Traditional engineering technology of waste water disposal

- Appropriate technologies for developing countries
  Kraft Consulting Engineers was founded in 1985. With a staff of up to 15, it devises complete and comprehensive solutions for the wide range of water management problems of its clients. Viable supply and disposal concepts are designed and implemented for visionary planning in urban design, architecture or landscape planning.

- Development of root zone wastewater treatment plants which purify water to bathing water standard.

- Development of compact sewage treatment works which purify wastewater water in residential buildings for flushing toilets.

- For the new handling of rainwater, development of facilities to store and reuse rainwater in residential housing areas.

- For urban design projects and housing estates, development of new sustainable rainwater management concepts such as “zero-runoff settlements” which obviate the need to build storm sewers. Rainwater from roofs is stored and reused or percolated. Street run-off is treated, stored and percolated.


- Low-cost wastewater disposal solutions are designed using sound engineering (e.g. Strausberg-Erkner Water Management Association). Modern techniques such as pressure drainage, long-distance pipe driving and micro-tunneling in accordance with the Berlin-Model are used to minimise costs.

- For traditional stormwater systems, installation of environmentally friendly rainwater retention basins and integrated natural stormwater treatment plants are established.

- Drinking water supplies are planned and built using tried and tested methods.

  Due to their vast experience, Kraft Consulting Engineers has been appointed as consultants in international development aid programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. The company has developed a wide range of appropriate and practical solutions for the urgent problems of developing countries.

Research plant for root zone wastewater treatment