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Location: Dümmer See – Germany
Project: Rehabilitation of Lake Dümmer
Pre-feasibility study 1982, TU Berlin, Prof. Ripl
Size: 12.4 km²
Capacity: 3 Mio m³
Depth: 1,0 m
Reed treatment basin surface: 2,1 km²
Annual sapropel formation: 60.000 m³/a

Inflow Hunte QNW=1.1 m³/s; QHHW=54 m³/s
Catchment area: 406 km²
Probe polder: 1993
Existing sapropel: 2,4 Mio m³
Rehabilitation of a hypertrophic shallow lake
Phosphorus elimination in reed treatment basins,
purification of the entire inflow

Project Picture
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