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Project Picture
Location: Maidar EcoCity - Mongolia
Project: Maidar EcoCity - Water Master Plan - 2014/15
Planning: Water Management Concept for a 5.400 ha Zero-Runoff City, in Detail for Stage 1 - 1.250 ha
Planning Partner: RSAA Colone, Drees & Sommer Stuttgart, Ramboll Finnland, Transsolar Stuttgart, Vollmer & Angeler Colone
Client: Maidar City LLC, Mongolia

Stormwater Management: Rainwater harvesting, Drainage Network, Rainwater Lake 31 ha, Retention Basins, Treatment
Water Supply Management: Water Works with Lake Water Purification, Groundwater Supply, Supply Network
Waste Water Management: Waste Water Treatment Plant, Process Water Supply to Households and for Irrigation (Field & Greenhouse)

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